Brite Content is Data Driven Engagement Marketing Automation for YouTube - Turning Audiences Into Customers

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Brite Content is a content marketing engagement platform that enables businesses to engage and convert audiences on YouTube into qualified leads, turning the world’s largest video platform into a programmatic demand generation channel.

Brite Content’s analytics enable marketers and agencies to understand their content, audiences and performance to make data driven decisions and measure return on content marketing (ROCM).

The proprietary Brite Index™ provides insights, trends and monitoring of content marketing across the broadest, richest index of content marketing powering better content, more views and more conversions.


All In One Content Marketing Performance Management


Brite Content's cloud-based content marketing performance management platform gives content marketers the ability to measure the performance of YouTube content, turn YouTube into a powerful lead generation channel, optimize content for better conversions and amplify content to reach bigger, targeted audiences.

Brite Content brings together:

  • Scalable lead generation and campaign management
  • Closed loop ROI and performance measurement
  • Content discovery, audit, scoring and organization
  • Competitive analysis and tracking
  • Campaign management tools


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A Unified Platform For Content Marketing Performance

Measure YouTube Performance

Brite shows you exactly how your YouTube content performs from view to sales lead. Brite replaces guesswork with data.

Optimize Consumption and Conversion

80% of marketing content goes unused because sales and marketing can’t keep up with fragmented content channels. Brite optimizes the reach and consumption of your content.

Turn Anonymous Views Into Engaged Audiences

Because YouTube content is consumed “out there” and not on your website, there is no way to identify your audience. Brite is the bridge between YouTube and your sales funnel to engage and convert audiences into leads.

Programmatically Scale Lead Generation

The Brite platform leverages content you already have and amplifies content campaigns to quickly reach larger, targeted audiences.

Manage Your Entire YouTube Portfolio Painlessly

Managing dozens to thousands of videos is really hard. With Brite, you manage your content from a single place with seamless integration with YouTube.

Competitive Insights From The Brite Index

Analyze your competition’s content and strategy to see what’s working. Automatically monitor your competition to stay ahead.

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brite_icon-measure.png Measure

Unify your view of your YouTube content.

brite_icon-optimize.png Optimize

Test what's working and what's not.

brite_icon-convert.png Convert

Convert anonymous viewers into leads.

brite_icon-amplify.png Amplify

Match the right audience with the right content.

icon-data.png Data

Turn Audiences into Customers


Actionable Analytics For Content Marketing

The Brite Content platform automatically discovers and audits your content on sites like YouTube.

Understand your YouTube content performance using charts and performance metrics for each of your videos and campaigns. Easily identify which campaigns are performing and which ones need attention.

With Brite, you can quickly report on the ROI generated by your campaigns, to justify your budgets with hard data.

Brite analyzes your audience to identify who are most engaged and likely to convert.

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Optimization For YouTube and Content Marketing Campaigns

The Brite Content platform reduces your content creation burden and helps you do more with the content that you already have. Brite’s optimization features help you understand what content and campaigns are working, what needs to be improved and what can be retired.

Brite analyzes each content asset and provides specific, actionable recommendations for improving content discovery – think SEO for YouTube content. Once you know what’s working and what’s not, use Brite Content to optimize your content and campaigns for more consumption and conversion. Test, tweak, target and repeat.

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Content Lead Generation Campaign Management

Brite Content brings powerful lead generation campaign management capabilities to YouTube. Brite enables you to run smart ads linked to content offers on your YouTube videos.

With Brite Content you will quickly create engaging content offers and landing pages that convert YouTube viewers into sales leads. All without any IT involvement or need to know HTML.

Brite Content enables landing page registration using social sign ups (LinkedIn, Facebook and others) to speed form completion for prospects. Leads captured through Brite Content can be automatically routed into Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce or HubSpot.
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Programmatic Content Marketing

To scale your campaigns, the Brite platform provides content amplification to drive more traffic, more awareness, more shares and, ultimately, more conversions into leads and sales.

Content Sequencing: Brite provides viewers with recommended sequenced, sales stage-specific content assets to move prospects further through the funnel, increase conversions, and close more deals.

Demand Capture: Brite Content uses content retargeting to expand your YouTube content marketing campaigns, bring back viewers, and convert them into interested prospects.

Demand Creation: Brite’s lookalike targeting generates new demand by displaying content offer ads to people similar to your highest converting audiences.

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Brite Content Premium Analytics

Marketers struggle to find sustainable ways to identify, reach and engage highly qualified prospects on YouTube. Brite transforms the way content marketers discover audiences, acquire customers, and measure success.

Brite Content’s proprietary data provides rich YouTube data on tap, and Brite’s engagement platform empowers you to convert audiences into customers in real-time with engagement automation.

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