Video Is The Future Of Marketing.

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Target new prospects, drive more quality leads, and understand your competitors’ video marketing strategy on the largest video platform in the world – YouTube.

Successful Video Marketing Automation Customers - Lego, 2K Games, Wish, OnXMaps
Successful Video Marketing Automation Customers - NBA, Lending Tree, CA, Adobe, Grammarly

Make YouTube your premiere performance channel. Multiply your marketing impact with ease.

Competitive Intelligence for Video Marketing Automation

Competitive Intelligence

Understand how you stack up against competitors, identify the content that resonates with your customers, and deliver exceptional video marketing experiences.

Targeted Awareness for Video Marketing Automation

Targeted Awareness

Easily reach new prospects that watch videos related to your brand or products, and set automatic rule-based optimizations to drive your video marketing goals.

B2B Demand Generation Video Marketing Automation Tool

Demand Generation

Deliver meaningful messages to prospects at the moment of intent, generate video-qualified leads, and set your sales team up to close more customers.

Grow Your Customers With Video

Our video marketing automation platform will exponentially grow your reach and help you acquire new customers on YouTube.

Target Your Best Customer

…Reach more customers on YouTube

Reach more customers on YouTube with Video Marketing Automation

…while they watch relevant content

Target your ads customer while they watch relevant Videos

…at your target accounts

Account Based Marketing approach to Video Marketing Automation ABM

…that matters to them

Ad placements at the right time right place that matters to customers

Make Video Engaging

Follow your customer on their journey. Deliver personalized video experiences and sequential storytelling. Which means more engagement and better conversion.


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"With Brite platform we could see all the activity with our videos, our content, what stage they're in, what the results are, how does it mirror our funnel and lead to sales traction."
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"Brite is an innovative company- it's driven by performance rather than vanity metrics. They helped us execute on our most important metric - Conversions"
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"Brite technology allowed us to narrow in very quickly on a different placements around the particular topic and start from the place that's made the most sense for the business."
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"Brite Content not only delivers great software and data, they also have incredible customer support and expertise. The combination of the two make it possible for us to utilize YouTube to achieve our goals."
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Successful Video Marketing Automation Customers: Babbel, NBA, LEGO, CA Tech, GoDaddy, Adobe
Successful Video Marketing Automation Customers: Sunpower, 2K Games, Grammarly, Lendingtree, Shoretel, wish

Rules-Based Performance Optimization

Make video your top performance channel in 2018 with rules-based optimization software for YouTube. Set optimization rules to ensure that the best video creative, offers, targeting, and sequencing always wins.


Machine Learning optimizations for YouTube Ad placements

Prove Marketing’s Impact

Prove the value of marketing and track how every video marketing campaign contributes to pipeline and revenue.

3X    More ROI

52%  Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

44%  More Conversions


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