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As any modern marketer knows, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is one of the hottest trends in B2B marketing today. Here at Brite, we’ve been fortunate to be on the forefront of both deploying ABM and building the world’s first video ABM software.

While we were planning a recent thought leadership webinar campaign we realized that now was the perfect time to document and share the lessons we’ve learned and the actual results we’ve experienced using ABM with Brite, YouTube, and HubSpot.

In short, ABM skyrocketed one of our already successful campaign’s performance. Let’s break it down.


When we started this campaign, we had 3 specific goals:

1. Build awareness of “full funnel video campaigns” with video marketers, performance marketers and content marketers at fast growing companies and Fortune enterprise.

2. Drive engagement and build thought leadership and by offering an ROI Guide as deep content.

3. Increase conversions by signing up for our webinar. Volume and CPL are important to us. We would measure performance across the Full Funnel and needed to measure how this campaign performed relative to earlier ones.

We measured performance across the Full Funnel and measured how this campaign performed relative to earlier ones.

Why ABM Targeting?

As B2B marketing practitioners, we’ve been long-time advocates of Account Based Marketing & Account Based Sales. It coincides with our strategy of hyper-targeting our customers, transparency and aligning our sales and marketing teams.

The numbers are compelling. Research from Alterra Group found that 97% of marketers achieved higher ROI with ABM than with any other marketing initiatives. And, according to Marketing Profs, 208% more revenue is generated by the marketing in companies that have aligned sales and marketing teams. We wanted to see what kind of results we would realize by applying ABM to video marketing.

The 3 Primary Goals of ABM are:

1. Target ideal accounts – Align sales and marketing to reach multiple contacts at an account with a personalized experience. Target clusters of accounts and vertical industries.

2. Engage and convert more sales – convert more customers by aligning offers, content, and intent.

3. Scale with media – Discover high ROI campaigns and then scale with paid media.

Currently, the team at Brite is building the next generation of our targeting technology, bringing ABM targeting to YouTube.

We decided to put our software to the test and see how it performed – and how it compared head to head with other tactics.

How We Did it

Step 1. Define Your High-Value Accounts and Personas

To start, we built an ideal customer profile by asking the sales team to identify the Top 100 accounts they were pursuing. For this campaign, we targeted their specific accounts and four types of customers.

Our target personas were content marketers, performance marketers and video marketers across multiple levels of the organization. And often we work with four or more stakeholders on any given sale.

We wanted to reach enterprises with revenues of more than $100 million and more than 500 employees. We also wanted to reach venture-funded, high growth companies. We have data on these in our HubSpot database. So we ran a Smart List in HubSpot to create a segmented list.

Video ABM Step 1 - Build Smart List of Contacts

Step 2. Determine Optimal Channels

We have seen great results executing multi-channel campaigns – combining video, email and social advertising. For this campaign, since we are a video-first company, we started with YouTube for the critical ‘first touch’ using skippable pre-roll (TrueView).

We also ran a coordinated email outreach campaign, which helped us reach our list of prospects through email using HubSpot.

Step 3. Align Content, Offers, and Personalized Messaging

We worked to make sure that we had relevant, personalized messages for our targets.

Our content and campaign plan was to drive:

1. Awareness – Drive impressions, views, and opens to get the word out about what full funnel video campaigns are and how they work. We promoted this Full Funnel Video blog. 

2. Engagement – Build trust with thought leadership content through useful content. For this campaign, we used our Video ROI Guide

3. Conversion – Offer an incentive and call to action. We promoted a webinar on how to build content and campaigns for Full Funnel Campaigns

Shout out to our amazing partner Epipheo, who produced these sweet videos:

Each video was tailored to be quick (under 1 min) and unique to each stage of the funnel. You can learn more about Epipheo’s AWESOME creative process here.

Then we built banner ad creative for YouTube, Facebook, as well as emails.

Video ABM Step - YouTube Banner Ad Assets

Video ABM Step - Facebook Banner Ad Assets

Video ABM Step - Email A/B/C CTA Test Copy

Then we built the landing pages, taking care to ask only for the least amount of info from the prospect.

Video ABM Step - A/B/C Landing Pages

Here’s how it all flowed (roughly).

Video ABM - Full Funnel Video Promotion

Step 4. Target On YouTube

Next up we needed to target ABM accounts on YouTube. Here we turned to Brite’s software. We exported our target account list into Brite.

With the targets now in Brite, we built the targeting sets that we defined in Step 1.

Also, using Brite’s ABM targeting data, we were able to choose from tens of thousands of contacts from target accounts. We filtered the list strategically with parameters like revenue, industry and even job titles.

Video ABM Step - Select Target Accounts w Filtering

Step 5. Test and Execute

Next, it was time to go live!

1. With everything setup, we performed a dry run to make sure that everything worked smoothly and that attribution tracking was dialed-in.

2. Then we set everything in motion and kicked off the ad campaign on YouTube and Facebook, as well as ran the email campaign.

3. We split tested the emails to make sure that we had the best performing subject lines and then we scaled on the best performer.

4. We split-test the landing pages and also the offers. Once we found the best performers, we concentrated efforts on the winner.

Step 6. Measure, Learn and Optimize

With the campaigns cruising along, we turned to operational dashboards to track progress:

  • We monitored all activity across each of the campaigns, doing daily tuning at first and then weekly reports. We kept an eye on how much time we were spending, how much of our budget remained and how we progressed against our goals.
  • We measured all the stages of our campaigns – Awareness, Engagement, and Conversions – each action that matters is measured
  • Since more than 400 hours of fresh content is uploaded to YouTube every minute, we had to automate placement targeting. Brite’s software updates placement targets with relevant videos as they get published, multiple times a day, automatically.
  • We checked in on the progress of the email campaigns daily as they worked through nurture steps.

To maximize our ROI and webinar sign-ups, we turned on Brite’s machine learning Brite RulesTM. We set a rule to optimize for conversions. We set a rule that excluded content if it leads to views but no clicks, which acted as a stop-loss to prevent wasted media spent on videos that didn’t lead to conversions.

Video ABM Step - Brite Content Targeting w Performance Optimizations


We ran this campaign for 10 days ahead of the webinar. Here’s how it did:

Video ABM Results - New Webinar Sign-ups, Guide Downloads, 17K Optimizations per day

We also ran an ROI analysis on the full funnel value of the campaign. Here are the results:

Video ABM ROI - Drop in CPC, Net ROI Increased 2000%

Our measurement model assigns multi-touch attribution across different steps. You can read more about how to measure the value of a view in our ROI Guide.

How Does ABM Stack Up?

We compared our ABM campaign against all other campaigns with different targeting. The results are encouraging. We found that ABM on average led to:

  • 48% longer viewer engagement than audience targeting tactics, performance is neck and neck with remarketing campaigns
  • Nearly 2X more clicks
  • 41% more efficient CPC
  • 18% more views per dollar

Video ABM = 48% Longer Viewer Engagement vs standard targeting

Where Do We Go Next?

With this first phase in place, we are excited to plan our next campaigns. We are going to test different creative with new videos and engagement content. We are also going to test a different set of ABM accounts and content to discover which leads to more conversions and MQLs.

We will also apply this ABM technique to our other evergreen content such as our ROI Guide, ROI calculator, and other videos – creating a portfolio of always-on campaigns.

Since we’ve found a high ROI producing channel in video ABM, we will be scaling our growth with this profitable demand generation strategy.

If you’re ready to extend your Account Based Marketing program onto the worlds largest video platform, get in touch with our campaign experts today.

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