The YouTube Marketing Automation Platform for Smart Performance Marketers

Campaign Co-Pilot™

Brite’s Campaign Co-Pilot™ Services Give You the Support and Expertise You Need To Succeed With Smart YouTube Performance Marketing

Getting the most from your YouTube strategy is about using the right blend of technology, data, and expertise. Brite’s Campaign Co-Pilot service acts like an extension of your team – helping bring high-performing YouTube campaigns to market fast and training your team to take over the controls and run them.

Video-Level Targeting At Scale

Run Your Best Campaigns With Co-Pilot™

Brite’s Campaign Co-Pilot provides expert execution at each phase of your campaign to help you get the most out of YouTube.

Our managed campaigns are designed to deliver immediate success and empower your team for the long term. Adopting our YouTube funnel marketing approach will give your team the confidence to test messaging and expect predictable performance each stage.


“There are lots of options and lots of different targeting possibilities, bidding possibilities, ad placements and working with Brite we were able to narrow the focus and start from a place that’s made the most sense for the business.”

– Jason Hall, Director of Growth, Craftsy

Turn Our Best Practices Into Your Best Results

We teach you to plan, target, execute, and optimize your campaign using agile, test-driven methodologies, leveraged from software development and applied to performance marketing.

Campaign Co-Pilot™ helps you become an expert quickly, by helping you answer tough questions, like:

  • What’s happening inside my campaigns?
  • What is the impact of the changes made?
  • What should I do next?
  • How can my marketing efforts yield the best results?
Video-Level Targeting At Scale

Smart Marketers Leverage Brite’s Best Practices to Realize Breakthrough Results Using Campaign Co-Pilot™ for:

Fully managed campaigns - from strategy through execution and optimization

Weekly updates - with recommendations and progress reporting

Complete campaign dashboards - that show you up to the minute progress

Quick-start campaigns - that accelerate your results