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Know What Your Competition Is Doing On YouTube

Get the full picture of your competition’s YouTube activity. Get notified when they launch campaigns. Build a better video content marketing strategy.

Competitive YouTube Analytics - Dashboard

Save Time With BriteScapes

Youtube Competitive Insights & Analysis

Know More. Compete to Win.

Competitive Analytics Tools for Effective Video Content Marketing Strategies

Follow Your Competitors’ Activity

Search thousands of YouTube brand channels and track the ones you care about to get a complete view into historical activity and see performance over time.

Track Your Industry Share Of Voice

Build a competitive set to see how your channel stacks up on: view velocity, video engagements, viewer conversation, and publishing cadence on YouTube.

Optimize Your Video Content Marketing Effectiveness

Know which videos resonates with your target customer and leverage YouTube data to design a strong video content marketing strategy.

Know how much budget to allocate to YouTube marketing

Understand how much your competitors are spending and how much you should budget on YouTube to be competitive.

Know When Your Competition Launches Campaigns

Get notified the instant your competition launches new ad campaigns on YouTube and learn how much they are spending with Brite’s Ad Detector.

Discover Industry Trends As They Happen

Learn what your target customers’ like to watch and discover which videos in your industry are most popular based on their view velocity and relative engagement.

“Brite Content not only delivers great software and data, they also have incredible customer support and expertise. The combination of the two, make it possible for us to utilize YouTube to achieve our goals.”

– Jonathan Silvio, CTO, Explore.org

Make video content marketing more effective – at scale.

It’s easy to make video content marketing a priority. Save time and money by bringing video marketing tools, data, and automation together for high-impact video marketing campaigns!

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