Innovative Mobile App Developer Partners with Brite to Acquire Customers and Scale ROI on YouTube8 min read

Humans are drawn to nature. We’re curious about the world around us and yearn to connect and explore its edges. onXmaps caters to the adventurer’s soul. Their sophisticated map products boast the most accurate land ownership mapping information available along with top-notch recreation maps to enhance the best days for the outdoor lover.

As a rapidly growing start-up, the lean marketing team harnesses video marketing to spark user imagination and communicate their story to customers. Success for onXmaps means driving demand for their app and ultimately revenue from in-app map purchases. They rely on YouTube video campaigns to move users through the marketing funnel.

Video marketing on YouTube is complex and generating app downloads to create revenue requires deep expertise and advanced targeting tools. Find out how onXmaps achieved success with Brite’s YouTube performance engine.

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