Top Automotive Brands Rev Up Views in Q2 20169 min read

The second quarter of 2016 was an interesting time for automotive brands. Many brands had already spent their holiday gift and allowance money on Super Bowl ads. You would think it would be rather quiet for the remainder of the year. But that’s not what the data shows – and the leaders will surprise you!

Amidst the 21,000+ brand-uploaded videos, there were 225 million views, and 370 million hours watched on the top 40 automotive brand channels in Q2. So which brands left their peers in the dust? Which brands truly captivated viewers on YouTube? There were some surprising winners as brands shifted into high gear and sped ahead.

Forget about spreadsheets. Comparing top brands on YouTube performance shouldn’t be a drag. Arm yourself with YouTube data on the automotive competitive landscape. Check out our YouTube automotive brand audit for Q2 2016.

What’s included?

  • Real data on the brands that are capturing the lion’s share of views in automotive
  • Rank of the most engaging auto brands on YouTube
  • Characteristics of the most engaging brand created content on YouTube

Submit the form below to download the Top 40 automotive brands audit to learn what Top Automotive brands are doing on YouTube.

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