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This year, YouTube dedicated itself to its most one of it’s most popular groups: gamers. The consumption of gaming content continues to grow as viewers continue to devour gaming content – primarily game trailers releases and gameplay videos. But gamers watching their peer’s play games online is not a new phenomenon. Major League Gaming TV premiered on national television back in 2004. Twitch, a company that focuses primarily on game play live streaming, sold to Amazon for $970 Million in 2015. Today, gaming YouTube creators are among the most famous in the world.

There’s no doubt that gamers are on YouTube and here’s the data to back that up. Game developers and brands have a massive opportunity to captivate engaged viewers, drive brand engagement and acquire users who purchase or download their apps, directly from YouTube.

We uncovered some fascinating stats from the top gaming brands on YouTube: in just 10 weeks the top 25 gaming brands accrued 600 million views and viewers spent over 2.4 trillion hours watching brand-created videos. Game on!

Arm yourself now with data on the gaming brand competitive landscape. Download Brite’s gaming brand YouTube audit.

What’s included?

  • Real data on the brands that are capturing share of view in gaming
  • Ranking the most engaging gaming brands on YouTube
  • Characteristics of the most engaging brand created content on YouTube

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