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YouTube Remarketing Campaigns Set-up

What is Remarketing on YouTube?

Remarketing on YouTube – It’s the most important tactical weapon in the performance marketer’s arsenal.

Remarketing is a great gift from the “internet gods” that allows marketers to continue the conversation with interested users, save budget and honor the buyer’s journey.

Remarketing in AdWords is similar to retargeting on most other advertising platforms. And it is THE BEST tactic to use in your YouTube campaigns to convert more viewers into customers. The first way to use remarketing or retargeting on YouTube is to reach users who have been to your site but didn’t convert by taking the desired action, like purchasing a product, downloading content or subscribing to a newsletter.  The second way is to remarket to people who watch videos on your YouTube channel.

When you leverage remarketing on YouTube, you can target your YouTube channel viewers and site visitors alike. This opens opportunities to move new users down your marketing funnel, remind them of your offerings, and try to win them over with the most powerful storytelling medium on earth – video! You might even consider giving them a discount or coupon.

Many performance marketers, however, are unaware of how to best use remarketing within YouTube.  We’re here to help!

Let’s talk about how to align your business growth goals with the opportunities available for remarketing campaigns on YouTube,  then we’ll share some creative ways you can use remarketing to cross-sell and upsell to your existing customers, and finally, we’ll show you how to set it up yourself in AdWords.

YouTube Campaign Targeting & Optimization Software

Hunting for New Prospects & Leads on YouTube with Remarketing

One of the main reasons to use remarketing on YouTube is to compel more viewers at the top of your funnel to take an action to become a “lead” in your marketing funnel. If your YouTube doesn’t get much action, you may want to start by building remarketing lists off of your site traffic. However, if you’re already getting traffic to your YouTube channel videos, you’ll want to try remarketing and ad sequencing to drive new leads and MQLs.

Build Remarketing Lists Off Your Site Traffic

The first and most obvious way to build remarketing campaigns on YouTube is off of your site traffic. Build an “All Site Visitors” list – this will include any user who’s been to any page on your site. This list is great for taking a sweeping view of anyone that’s shown interest in your site, and update them on a product or update! For instance, if you’re a retail store that’s open late for the holiday shopping, you may want to use an All Site Visitors list to let shoppers know to stop in during the extended hours.

YouTube Remarketing List Selection

You can also look at users who looked at specific pages on your website that might indicate intent, such as your pricing or product pages. Another great list to build is “cart abandoners” these will typically be the lowest hanging fruit. Meaning they’ve indicated intent to buy and just didn’t complete the action. You can segment your ads to target these users based on 7-, 14-, and 30-day windows.

Retarget Viewers Off Your YouTube Traffic

Here is where you can get really creative. The unique aspect of remarketing on YouTube is that you can retarget viewers based their specific interactions with your videos. Moreover, you can segment these video viewers into lists of people who have commented on a video, watched a particular video, watched any video, and so on.

Here’s a view of the available video remarketing actions:

YouTube Remarketing Trigger Range of User Actions

Again here you can take a broad approach and target anyone who has viewed any video on your channel, which is similar to the “All Site Visitors” list strategy, except this time you’re focusing on your YouTube channel viewers. 

Other options include remarketing to viewers based on specific engagements across your channel – such as liking, commenting or subscribing. As I mentioned above, you’ll want to have some YouTube traffic to use this strategy effectively.

If you don’t already have a bunch of traffic on your YouTube channel, you can start to drive traffic to your YouTube content with in-stream ads – which brings up remarketing based on viewers that viewed your ads on YouTube. We call this ad sequencing, and it’s the best way to simultaneously increase your YouTube traffic while driving net new prospects into your marketing funnel. For instance, let’s say you want to move new prospects from YouTube into your marketing funnel.

You’ll want to set up a three-stage video marketing campaign – similar to how you would attract and nurture customers with email. Here’s an example of ad sequencing while using remarketing to drive customers down your funnel:

Awareness campaigns – for the awareness stage, you’ll want to pick a vision or thought-leader video that shows that you understand [insert customer problem] for your target audience to make your viewers feel understood. While the CTA on this stage should be soft, you should still include one. We typically recommend adding additional video content or directing viewers to a high-value blog content or free download offer.
Engagement campaigns – for the engagement stage, choose a video that speaks to solving your customer’s problem, sequence this ad to all the viewers from the awareness ad to leverage viewers who engaged with your awareness ads.
Conversion campaigns – for the conversion stage, use compelling offers in your video and target to viewers of the ads in the previous two stages, as well as your channel subscribers. 

To learn more about how to create YouTube campaigns that work your entire marketing funnel, read our full funnel video blog. 

Cross-Sell and Upsell Existing Customers with Remarketing on YouTube

There’s a motto that’s common in sales circles that marketers should be quick to adopt as well. And that is, that it’s far easier to sell products and services to existing customers than to someone you don’t have a relationship with. Your existing customers already trust and (hopefully) love your products and services.  Why not exploit this strategy on YouTube?

To do this at scale, you should leverage your customer CRM data and channel traffic. For example, if you want to find people who purchased your main product, but haven’t bought your new add-on product. Do this in your CRM by filtering by product customer. IE contact is a customer of X product but is not a customer of Y product. Then you can upload this customer list as a remarketing audience. This way, you know the audience loves product X and which means they are likely to converts really well on product Y.

How to Set Up Remarketing Campaigns on YouTube

Create Your Remarketing Lists in Custom Audiences

Before you set up your YouTube campaign, you first need to create your custom audience in AdWords. To set this up, navigate to Shared Library > Audiences > +Remarketing list.  For video remarketing, select YouTube Users from the drop-down.Remarketing List Selecting YouTube Users

Pro Tip: It’s a good strategy to set up a range of remarketing lists based on known user behaviors so that they are prepared before launching a campaign.

Build Your Remarketing Campaign In AdWords

Once you have your remarketing lists set, it’s time to set up a campaign.

If you need a little help setting up your campaign, refer to our Perfect YouTube Campaign Guide. This guide will help you with assistance on ads, ad groups, bidding and budgets for your campaign.

Remarketing campaigns are relatively easy to set up.  Just use 1 ad group with only 1 or 2 ads for this level of your marketing funnel. Once your group is set up, go to Video Targeting > Remarketing > +Remarketing and select your remarketing list from the options.

Select YouTube Remarketing List

You can add multiple lists if you like, but it’s usually best to focus on one or two per campaign.
Once you add your remarketing list(s) to your ad groups, you’re set to go live.

Grow Your Business With Creative Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing with YouTube allows you to cater messaging to prospects who have specifically demonstrated an interest in your brand through their actions – via website and YouTube channel behavior. This is absolutely the most efficient type of targeting, but it does not have the same scale as audience and content targeting.

Here at Brite Content, we consider remarketing an essential add-on to every campaign! If your video marketing demands more leads, customers and revenue, YouTube remarketing and ad sequencing is your best bet.

YouTube Campaign Targeting & Optimization Software

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