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The Brite Content Story - Video Marketing Automation

The Marketing Revolution Will Be Bought Not Sold

The days of blindly spending advertising on television are fading fast. In its place, digital video is quickly overtaking TV viewers because of its ubiquity and interactivity. Video is the biggest medium on mobile and the fastest growing channel for marketers.

Brite Content is empowering marketers to scale YouTube campaigns with an automation platform designed from the ground up for performance marketers with the visibility, control and intelligence you need to scale and optimize performance.

About Us

Brite’s smart video marketing automation platform empowers marketers to use YouTube video to reach, engage, and convert customers more effectively and efficiently. Powered by big data and machine learning technologies, the platform eliminates the randomness behind black box targeting and the inefficiency of manual processes.

Brite arms marketers with intelligent targeting data that maximizes the efficacy of video marketing while automating campaign execution and optimization across multiple systems; resulting in measurably better performance, increased revenues and decreased customer acquisition costs.

Our Vision

To transform every marketer into a smart video performance marketing experts.

Our Mission

To equip brands with smart targeting and video marketing automation that measurably improve ROI and performance – at scale.

Our Story

Brite’s smart video marketing platform has its roots in security big data learned at pioneering cloud security companies Securant/ClearTrust and Symplified.

After analyzing security behaviors for millions of identities, the team learned that distinct data patterns and machine learning could detect anomalies and threats and react automatically by applying rules.

The team hypothesized that these same techniques could be applied to marketing in order to discover content that resonated with audiences to drive revenue/performance and then use machine learning and rules to automate optimization and drive measurable business results.

The team adapted technology proven in security world to work with YouTube and with some experimentation and lots of math, they engineered a way to programmatically discover the best videos that drive engagement and conversion.

Brite has since deployed its smart video marketing platform for some of the world’s best-known brands and collected massive amounts of YouTube performance data from 1000s of brands, accumulating performance data from over 1.75 million videos and growing.

Leading brands in video games, media, agencies, financial services, technology and education use Brite to target, automate and optimize YouTube marketing campaigns, resulting in 200% – 1,000% increase in CTR, 4x increase in ROI and millions in incremental revenues.