Why You Should Start Measuring ROI from Video Marketing Today [INFOGRAPHIC]9 min read


The marketing world is in the midst of the “Bought Not Sold” revolution. Today’s customers use the internet to research purchase decisions. More and more they rely on reading and watching high-quality content to find the perfect solution or service for their needs.  Every second, there are more views on YouTube than searches on Google! To succeed in this environment, marketers must target, engage and convert customers using video content.

With this “Bought Not Sold revolution,” the need for marketers to measure ROI is critical to know what is working. Marketing department budgets are bigger, and that means more scrutiny on results. Furthermore, the stakes are higher because buyers are making decisions based on content. This means the price of failure is steep – there is a greater risk of losing sales and customers. With this change, marketing is increasingly responsible for revenue-making accountability and measuring results. Data driven marketers need hard numbers to justify their investments and prove performance.

Modern data-driven marketing, however, isn’t easy. Data is fragmented across multiple silos. Changes are constant and quick. Often, finance departments view marketing expenses as extra because marketers lack the tools to measure their bottom line impact. Also, marketers lack a metric model to map the complexity of different funnel stages.

If you don’t measure ROI from your video marketing yet, then you’re missing the full picture on your video marketing campaigns. Sooner or later, your boss or CFO will come knocking, needing real answers and you’ll want to be one step ahead.

That’s why we decided to create this handy, bookmark-able info-graphic about measuring the ROI of your video marketing. To help you better understand why it’s time to start measuring video marketing ROI, we developed this at-a-glance version of our video marketing ROI guide and combined it with the newest existing research from marketers, just like you.  

Still not convinced? Check out the infographic below to get fired up about measuring video marketing ROI! 



Now that you know WHY, Learn HOW to measure ROI from Video marketing – download the guide here to get started. 

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